Octopi Connection/Discovery/SSH issues

What is the problem?

  • Octopi.Local doesn't work (it never has even with Bonjour, I've always used the IP Address)
  • R-Pi running Octopi (latest versions flashed once using Raspberry Pi Imager and also with BalenaEtcher) does not seem to display an IP address.
  • Unable to SSH into R-Pi (unknown IP) and suspected IP that might be the R-Pi won't connect using PuTTY SSH on port 22 or port 8080
  • Octopi won't respond to HDMI output (Raspbian OS will allow for an HDMI display)
  • Between two SD cards, neither seem to work when trying to run Octopi.

What did you already try to solve it?

  • Nmap, Angry IP Scanner, Fing - Found an IP that I think might be the R-Pi, but can't connect to it.
  • Installed Bonjour to attempt to get Octopi.local to work
  • Used Notepad++ to edit the WPA supplicant file to connect to my WIFI - Here is a possible hitch: I recently installed a WIFI extender and the extender and router use the same SSID (this is necessary for my security camera and I don't know how to make it work otherwise) so I suspect this might cause some issue; though Octopi had been working for a week or two after I installed the extender and camera.
  • PuTTY isn't able to connect to the suspected IP: Connection Timed Out is usually the error, sometimes it's not found.
  • Angry Scanner IP found a single IP that said something like local.linux (which is why I suspected it) but otherwise, can't find any other IP that I haven't linked to something else confirmed on my network.
  • Ethernet works when it's Raspbian OS, but not when Octopi is on the SD card.
  • Both HDMI ports do not work for Octopi, tried uncommenting several different options in the Config text file, this is vague but it was one of my first attempts and might need revisiting. Unsure of which one(s) to uncomment and if doing multiple ones is counterproductive.
  • Not really sure I see any activity on the R-Pi in the form of lights, red light is there but I haven't seen any others. Will check again if I do another flash of Raspbian OS.

Logs (syslog, dmesg, ... no logs, no support)

Unsure how to get logs! Definitely will try to get these, but so far I'm unable to even get into the R-Pi in this state.

Additional information about your network (Hardware you are trying to connect to, hardware you are trying to connect from, router, access point, used operating systems, ...)

  • Windows 10 OS, Octopi, Raspbian OS
  • FiOS Gateway Router & Linksys WiFi Extender (From)
  • R-Pi 4B (Kit purchase with appropriate power supply) (To Either by WIFI or Ethernet, not picky)

It sounds like the SD card may be corrupt or gone bad. When you power it up, you should see the red light on, the green will come on for a few seconds, then start flashing as it boots up. Also, possibly the octopi image got corrupted when you downloaded it.

Both SD cards seem to hold data and work with other images, but I will try to download a fresh image of Octopi and double check my SD Cards (and format them and such).