OctoPi first use, setup, editing, adding programs,


What is the problem?

There are no " applications " on my OctoPi install?

I am new to 3D printing, Raspberries, Octoprint and OctoPi. It seemed like a good idea to add this for local control besides the printer, adding an observation camera, ... and not having to do the SD card shuffle constantly.

Printer is up and running standalone.

Raspberry PI 3B with 5" touch screen up and running using a 16GB SD card with OctoPI.

I need to modify files on the edit the network settings and force a static ip (name.local is not working from desktops).

I need to create a new file to store the touch screen calibration.

But there is no text editor?

I have only file manager and terminal.
What happened to the rest of the OS???
How do I add programs?
I have no browser ... add program "store" or library to pick from

There also is no octoprint " app " on the octopi to control the device locally?

What did you already try to solve it?

Used internet, researched raspberry info, researched octopi info, checked FAQ, checked this forum, ...

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)

OctoPI version ... not sure.
OctoPrint version 1.3.9


Octoprint is a web app, so you can run it from a web browser. If you want to run it locally, you have to open the browser and point to it´s local IP.

The OS is there, but once raspberry is limited to performance, and the purpose of octoprint is to control the printer, you should keep it as light as possible. It´s a Linux based OS, optimized for command line, but if you know a little bit of linux, you can use apt-get to add more stuff.

If you want a text editor, you can use nano or vi from command line via SSH connection, or to edit the files in boot partition, you can simply turn off the PI, and insert the card in your laptop/pc sd card reader and edit the files there.


Thanks for the reply.

I hear you regarding to keeping things light, I have no intention to load it up and use it as a primary computer.

I have not actively used linux in many years.

With octopi I figured it would be possible to use it combined with a touch display as a mini system, have local control over the printer, be able for me or a family member to pull a file off of thingiverse for instance and hit print. No computer and remote login needed.

The raspberry and screen are mounted in an enclosed case, attached to the printer ... I guess a bit of disassembly would work. Was hoping to avoid that and learn about local ways to do that.


vi is the unix/linux text editor there may be other also installed or that can be installed. If you click the raspberry up in the left corner and go to system there is a program called termit which is a character based terminal where you will have access to the linux command line.. Unfortunately with no liux background you will need to us goggle on a laptop while you work on the pi. I would suggest connecting a monitor to the HDMI port and a usb mouse and keyboard to assist in the setup of thing Once you get the network working you can install chrome .. Goggle how to install chrome.. will be a command apt-get and a package name.. not sure off the top of my head.. I goggled it :slight_smile: And I am a Unix admin. Good luck you will get it figure out.