Octopi Gcode newbie

Hey guys.

I just make the PID to my Mk3s+ through octopi and after that I write the following

M301 Pxxx Ixxx Dxxx(with the values that I get in the last) and after the M500.

So making that I save this PID to octopi?!

Let me explain.....I always use PrusaSlicer. So I want to make 3 profiles(190c, 195c,200c) in Slicer getting the values PID from the octopi. For now I make the 190c pid profile I write the commands as I say but also I write them the prusaslicer.

So now I really confused. If I make another pid for 195c.....and I will save the values only to prusaslicer ... and send a gcode from slicer to octopi......which pid it will use?!


Hello @NickMan !

First, please distinguish between OctoPi and OctotPrint:

So you want to establish a PID for every temperature you are using?

This is usually not necessary. Even when the temperatures differ by just 5 degrees.
For my both printers I ran PID-Autotune at 210°C and they both run fine. Also up to 270°C.

But if you want to, I would recommend to build these into the start code of the slicer.
That has the advantage that you have the PID values when you want to print from SD card.

thanx for that quick response.
My bad I mean octaprint. you have a right.

OK you say that is not matter. I believe you

Just to know....when I press m500 it saves the values to octaprint?!
if yes....when I send gcode file from prusaslicer to octaprint....the print will be with the values only that the gcode have from prusaslicer?!

If with m500 saves the values to octaprint....how can I go to default?!
And if I go back to default and send gcode file from prusaslicer to octaprint.....what it will use?!


No, those would save to the EEPROM of your controller.

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All gcodes, also M500, have an effect on the printer.
So after you set the PID values on the printer with M301/M304, you Use M500 to store them to the printers EEPROM

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So the controller had pid values and I change them?!
or the default is to read the values from the gcode file?!

I think best is you run a PID tuning and store the values and you are good to go:


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so no matter at all, if I make the pid with 190 and I do some prints with 215?!

Likely won't matter. If you do temps that are wildly different then PID to a middleground value.


ok thanx guys.

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