OctoPi.. halt raspberry from printer LCD keypad(Marlin)


Is it possible to halt the raspberry PI from Marlin LCD screen ?. I use the very latest Octopi and Marlin 1.1.9, custom build for CR10/Ender.

I currently have to halt the PI from either a SSH session or from the web browser, and sometimes you just want to switch the printer on/off without a web page / ssh available. This is to prevent a SD card corruption ..

I can easily add/change Marlin for adaption to ease this option. This wouldl be a very useful option, as it is always possible to destroy your Octopi image and force a re-creation of the image, a grace full shutdown is highly advisable.



Do you mean halt the entire Pi or shutting down OctoPrint and the the Pi?


Sounds like he needs to do an OctoPrint shutdown plus controlled power switch for the OFF part and a controlled power switch for the ON portion.

  1. If you shutdown the PI ..OctoPrint is shutdown by the process automatically.
  2. I just want to send a command to OctoPi so that Octopi can run a shutdown now command to the PI, as available on the webpage of OctoPi


The final answer is very simple, just connect a push to make switch between pins 5 and 6, and add the following to /boot/config.txt at the bottom of the file

 # this will shutdown the Pi if pressed after power up, and place the Pi in a power down mode,
 # however pressing it again it will boot again.

// You can also toggle a GPIO on power supply, this can switch the printer/light etc
// on on a specific GPIO, even config active low or high, please note you need
// pull up resistor (the shutdown does have this on the PCB) if a other GPIO is used