OctoPi IFTTT can't find makerkey

i want to use IFTTT but i can't find the makerkey.

From the documentation:

Go to IFTTT, sign-up, go to the Webhooks service, and click Connect. Then click on the settings button and look for the URL. The part after the /use/ is your makerkey ; you will use this a little bit later.

@OutsourcedGuru, I believe the instructions ARE the problem. If I follow them, the URL does NOT contain "/use/" or anything else that looks (to me) like a makerkey.

I don't know enough about IFTTT to figure out what the new instructions should be.

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I didn't feel like creating an account on the website in order to test the scenario.

In a case like this the repository author needs to know that the documentation wants an update. So faab007NL should visit there and ask.

@ faab007NL. After a lot of searching, I discovered IFTTT changed the settings page. Now, if you go to https://ifttt.com/maker_webhooks and click on the "Documentation" link instead of the "Settings" link, you will then be given your makerkey.

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