OctoPi Install on Raspberry Pi stops at pi@octopi:~ $

What is the problem?

OctoPrint v 1.5.2
OctoPi v 0.18.0
Raspberry Pi 4B
I'm new to the Rasberry Pi and OctoPrint. Almost clueless!
The install stops at:
pi@octoppi:~ $
Clearly asking for an input.
Any help available?

What did you already try to solve it?
Re-downloaded v0.18.0 several times.
Burned img to 32GB microSD with Etcher with 'success' message, several times.
The install accepts the pi/rasberry password entry, the stops at the above line.

I guess you mean the pi boots into the console?
That's correct - you can connect to the webinterface with any browser in your network at http://octopi.local / http://octopi / http://IPofTHEpi

Thanks for replying.
I'm trying to install Octoprint on a new Raspberry Pi 4B to control an Ender 3 V2.
I've followed all the steps as outlined in many YouTube videos. They all indicate it is just a matter of booting the Pi from the microSD flashed with Octopi using Etcher. When starting the Raspberry Pi, it gets to the point of asking for login and password and it accepts 'pi' and 'raspberry', runs a few more lines of code, then stops at 'pi@octoppi:~ $' waiting for in input. I have no idea what to input. There is no guidance in any of the instructional videos. I'm not trying to do anything other than set up the Pi with OctoPrint for the Ender 3 V2.
Is there a particular instruction to be entered to have the install proceed?
Thanks, Andrew.

The pi only runs a webserver and connects to the printer and to your home network.
You're supposed to connect to OctoPrint with any other device in you network like your pc.
Open your webbrowser and type in one of these urls (or just the ip of the pi) into your address bar
http://octopi.local / http://octopi / http://IPofTHEpi :slight_smile:

Thanks again. Slowly starting to get my head around this.

That prompt you saw is just the Pi telling you it's done installing. Kind of like the old DOS prompt C: you used to see on computers running Microsoft DOS, if you were around in the "pre-windows" days.

As @PrintedWeezl indicated, think of OctoPrint as setting up a web page hosted by your Pi which can be accessed from any device that can run a web browser on your home's local network. In addition to accessing it from a web browser, there are several slicers which can access it directly so you can send a print to your Pi - and your printer - directly from your slicer.

NOTE: By default, OctoPrint is not accessible from outside your home's local network, unless you take some other steps to make that happen (i.e. you can access it via the internet from another location). I recommend you NOT do that unless/until you are very comfortable dealing with this sort of thing as it can cause security issues.