Octopi.local quit working after update

I updated to the latest octoprint version the other day. I'm not sure what the version number is, but it was the last one offered through OctoPrint itself last week. Anyway, after I upgraded, everything was still working fine and I printed several prints (that were already stored on the Pi) with no trouble. I didn't get out of the web page during this time.

After those prints, I wasn't printing anymore for a little while, so I shut that browser down. Now, nothing can connect to the printer using the octopi.local address - none of my browsers (firefox or chromium) or cura. I CAN, however, connect using I can also ssh into the Pi using the specific IP. I tried rebooting the computer, but that didn't help.

It seems like octopi.local is no longer being resolved. Can someone help me figure out what has happened?

Oh... sorry... I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

also, on further investigation, we have a windows 10 computer on the same network and it IS able to access the pi through octopi.local so it must be linux related...

This is probably a DNS issue. The octopi.local name is a Bonjour name. If you have a local DNS server, check it. Also check your local DHCP server. You may need to restart one (or more) of these services.

hmmmm... that's weird. The way my network is set up, I have a modem/router at the shop that is hard wired to a router in my house (same property). The octopi (and all of my other devices at the house) connects wirelessly to the home router. I have DHCP disabled on the home router so that the main modem controls all of that. Going on what you said, I had already rebooted my computer and the octopi, so working backwards, I rebooted the home router. Oddly enough, that did the trick. Β―\(ツ)/Β―

I appreciate your help!

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Yeah, it IS Linux / Ubuntu related, as @b-morgan said octopi.local is a Bonjour name, that uses Multicasts to find the endpoint [octopi.local]. Your Ubuntu instance is hard coded to NOT use DNS, so if Multicast fails, the connection won't ever work.
I would highly recommend changing your OctoPi hostname to something else [in case you get another printer, you shouldn't have two identical names, something WILL break]. You can do this by ssh'ing onto the Pi, or removing the microSD card and putting the card into your Ubuntu machine, either way, you need to edit /etc/hostname, you'll need to use su vi /etc/hostname from the Ubuntu CLI otherwise it will be readonly.
On your Ubuntu machine, whilst you have the CLI open, have a look at /etc/nsswitch.conf, then follow this https://community.octoprint.org/t/octopi-cant-connect-to-internet-with-wireless-bridge/52529/2?u=rcw88.
All Debian/Ubuntu builds are set up like this, even the Pi, its one of the first things I change on building a new machine.

I appreciate your reply, but like I said to @b-morgan, rebooting the router is what fixed the issue. So while it may very well be that linux couldn't get the necessary information it needed, the actual problem was the router, not the linux machine. But thank you for the reply.

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