Octopi loses camera

OctoPrint loses connection to The camera. When I first installed it worked fine but after a few days the camera is no longer responding. It’s almost like something takes over the URL. I know nothing about The inner workings of the OS so I don’t know where to start.

Any help you could give me is greatly appreciated.

Can you share /var/log/webcamd.log? See also the section on OctoPi's logs here.

I have a similar issue. On both desktop and mobile. When I leave the browser on the control screen for amore than a couple of minutes, The camera feed will go blank. If I move back to the main tab, and then the control tab again, I'll get an "Aw Snap" response. from the browser, and will have to reload the page.

Since this is both Chrome on a desktop, and native browser on iOS, I can rule out Chrome specific issues.

This has been happening, seemingly, forever.

When I try to copy the log using scp it tells me I don’t have permission

Having the same issue here with Pi Zero W and Pi Camera V2. Runs fine when Octoprint is not connected to the printer, but hangs when it is. Good 2A power supply. Any suggestions of things to try very welcome.