Octopi no lan connection

I am trying to connect to my raspberry pi 3b running octopi. the installation went smoothly and and sent no errors. I cant see anything when I try to connect it to a monitor, and cannot connect in the terminal using ssh pi@octopi.local. I am on my apartments wifi an in order to connect it manually I need the MAC address and have no way of getting it.

What did you already try to solve it?

I already tried re installing and trying to input the ssid and password through the raspberry pi imager and manually. I tried finding the MAC or IP address. I tried connecting to a monitor to access the pi and the tv said there was no hdmi connected.

A shot in the blue: did windows ask you to format the sd card after flashing it with the pi imager and you clicked on yes?

Any activity on the LEDs on the Pi?

I cant see anything when I try to connect it to a monitor

the pi will activate hdmi output only when something's attached to the output when booting. So, a reboot of the pi while connected may help

apartments wifi an in order to connect it manually I need the MAC address

did you double check the wifi router hasn't already traded out an IP to the pi?

no, i did not format anything other than changing the octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt file

the green led on the pi blinked many times in quick sucession, followed by a few seconds of continuous light, and then normal blinking

I figured out how to connect it to the monitor, but I don't think it has even connected to the router yet. I attempted to use 'sudo iwlist wlan scan' to find the network but it wouldn't let me scroll through the results. In the 'octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt' file, I set ssid_scan = 1 to try and get it to find hidden networks, but when I run ifconfig, it says nothing has been sent or received. I am starting to think its a problem on the apartments end.

does ifconfig show an IP (inet or inet6 entry)?
Anyway you should see the MAC by now

I believe you have a monitor and a keyboard on your RPi and you have a system that you used to write the SD card initially. As mentioned, ifconfig will show the MAC address(es) and you can capture the output of commands (including sudo iwlist wlan scan) using >logfile at the end of the command. Copy the output to /boot and you will be able to move the SD card back to your other system and upload the files.

You said you have an RPi 3B so only 2.4GHz WiFi is available. I assume you edited octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt with an editor that preserved the Unix line endings.

Hopefully, you now have enough "tools" to troubleshoot or capture information to upload so we can help.

@planetar yes i see mac and i have both MAC and IP

@b-morgan thank you for this recommendation, I will try this tomorrow and see what I can get.

The apartment wifi I have is only compatible with 5 GHz WiFi, so I will need a new raspberry pi. Thank you all for all your help!

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