Octopi Not Working

AN update on what ive been doing: I swapped the micro sd with octopi onto my other pi and that didn't work either. Does someone have an octoprint contact? I really would like to get this resolved soon.

You may consider to take a new SD card.

This forum IS the best "octoprint contact". OctoPrint is the labor (of love) of one individual and she is a member of this forum. There are a large number of OctoPrint "experts" who are also members of this forum who volunteer our time to help others.

Remote troubleshooting can be difficult because it relies on the cooperation of both the person with the problem and the people with the expertise. The person with the problem is usually frustrated and that can hamper their ability to provide the detailed information necessary for us to figure out exactly what is wrong and provide a workable solution.

"that didn't work either" communicates a failure, but it doesn't provide any details that might lead us to a remedy. Please provide as much detail as you can on the steps you took and the results of each step. There is no such thing as too much detail.

You said you have two Raspberry Pi systems, but we only know that one of them is an RPi 3B+. I believe you have successfully connected the RPi 3B+ to your network using a different OS build. Is this true? If so, then there's a very good chance that the RPi hardware is working correctly and switching to an SD card with OctoPi installed should work as well. If it doesn't, then we need as much detail as possible to determine the cause of the failure. You said you have a monitor attached to the RPi. If so, then we may need you to transcribe the last few lines of output.

I believe the primary goal is first to get a stable, working version of OctoPi 0.18.0 with OctoPrint 1.7.x attached to your local network. You should be able to connect to it using a browser on another machine and ideally, connect using SSH from that same machine. Anything less that total success will require detailed description of the hardware and software involved as well as detailed steps that you took and the detailed results of each step.


Yes, it thought that was the case. I'll try to be a little more clear. So, to start up, I have. a pi 3b+ and two zeros that arent in projects. The first thing I did was flash octoprint onto the micro sd card(using the download .img file on the website). I edited the document with the wifi and password and country on it, i think its called the octopi supplicant. I had the pi 3 connected to a monitor when it powered on.(I have ran raspberry pi os on it fine, and it was connecting to wifi.) It went through the startup sequence fine, took a while, but I think it was right. Then it says to go to http://octopi.local/ to connect. So far this is where my problem is. I'm not sure what the exact error chrome gives me, but its your typical, can't connect to this, or website not responding. Like I said, I'm not sure. I swapped the sd card onto my pi zero, connected to a monitor, and booted up(running octopi). The exact same thing happened. I do realize the zero is not recommended for octoprint.

I'm starting to wonder if wifi is messing it up. Does slow wifi compromise the the octopi system? Maybe soon I'll start over, in case there was a step i missed, even though the process seemed really simple.

Thank you all for your help, I'll try to provide more detailed and accurate information in the future.

octopi.local is the DNS name provided that the Bonjour service is running. If it isn't running in your local area network and you do have a DNS server running in your local network and your DHCP server has been configured to update the local DNS server and the system you are running the browser on uses that local DNS server then just plain octopi should work.

Since there are a lot of "ifs" above and you have a monitor connected to the RPi 3, the last line of output after the RPi boots is the IP address it has been assigned. Use that IP address in your browser to connect. If it doesn't print an IP address as the last line, then something is wrong with the (WiFi) network configuration. Note that if you use an Ethernet cable, no RPi side configuration is needed so it should just work and from there, we can help you figure out what is wrong with the WiFi configuration.

Information that would be useful would be the OS of the system you are running the browser on and the name of the browser. Version numbers of these two would be better.

If it is a Windows system, open a command prompt and provide the output of ipconfig /all, ping octopi.local, and ping octopi.

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Ok, thanks. I'm still processing the DHCP and DNS bits. As of writing this, octoprint was going. I connected to ethernet again with a brand new octopi image flashed onto the sd card. It booted up. I set up my printer. After this I tried just wifi. I connecected up a monitor, and watched it go through its startup sequence. It said something like 'you can connect using any one of the addresses below' but there were no addresses listed at all. Under that it said 'octopi login'. And it didn't work to connect. Foiled again. I am mainly using a macbook with chrome browser.

I know its not a big step, but its a little. I also may be using chromium on linux too. After putting my octopirint login in it says 'Access Octoprint from a web browser on your network by navigating to any of http:// octopi.local https is also available, with a selfsigned certificate'... It only lists one link. There is no ip address.

When i type ifconfig it doesnt give me the ip address. Does this mean its not connected to wifi?

Yes, if ifconfig doesn't show an IP address, then you don't have one.

I think I am having the same problem. I started a thread over here with all the details I could find about my network problems: https://community.octoprint.org/t/wifi-trouble-with-new-image-on-pi-w-2/43556

I didn't see anything here that convinces me that there's a problem. You just don't know the address of your server. Mine also says to connect to octopi.local but it has a static address set.

There are a lot of ways to figure out the address of the octopi server but they depend on what you have on hand and your level of expertise.
One thing you can do is connect a usb keyboard to the pi, log in (username pi) and see what's assigned. If the ifconfig command works, that's the easiest way. If not, netstat -r should show you.

Once you find the address you can probably connect successfully to your server.

I am having a very similar problem. I installed Octopi on 3A+ and connected it to a monitor. I Have an IP address but cannot see it through the browser. I checked the address with "Angry IP Scanner" and it does not show up. I have mounted the R/P 3A+ in a metal enclosure and wonder if the wi-fi is too shielded? Nope, opened enclosure & still can't be found. I have spent Hours on this, please help! btw, everything showed "OK" on the monitor connected directly to the 3A+.

There's nothing special about OctoPi's network support. It is the same as the Raspberry Pi OS (or Raspbian) it is based on. For every successful or failing network connection there are usually a minimum of three systems involved. The RPi, the system you are trying to connect to it, and a router that provides DHCP and DNS services.

On each of these systems, there are commands to execute and output from those commands that are crucial to diagnosing problems. If none of these details are provided, then there's not much we can do except commiserate with you.

There's no such thing as too much detail. Start with the output of ifconfig /all or ipconfig /all on the system with the browser. Tell us about the OS on that system and what browser you are using. Next, tell us as much as you can about your router. Finally, don't just tell us you have an IP address, give us details, what is that IP address. Don't tell us everything is "OK" on the monitor, give us details as to what is displayed on the monitor.

We will be happy to provide guidance as to which commands to execute and where as soon as we know enough about your environment to do so.

Thank you for getting back to me. The only thing that I can think might be causing my problem is that I have a Deco mesh system installed for better home coverage. Through the Deco, I see that the Octopi was assigned but when I go to my browser, the site cannot be found. I also used "Angry IP Scanner" and bracketed the search from to with no hits. Perplexing. In the mean time, I saw that Octopi can run on an Android platform & I am starting to pursue that approach. I am VERY new to 3D printing & I am at the boundary of my computer knowledge which is not helpful and frustrating.

What is the IP address of the system you ran Angry IP Scanner on? Or would you prefer to not answer any more questions?

my IP address? If so, I'd like to send it to you privately

I don't want your public IP address, I want the private IP address assigned by your router to your system (which should be the same router that assigned the IP address to the RPi).

I believe you are suffering from local network routing issues. Without details, I can't help you fix it. If you are paranoid about revealing information about your private local address space then I suggest you hire a local network expert that you can trust to come to your location and troubleshoot for you.

Remember that not everyone understands everything written in the way it was intended to be, and OP has already said they are at the boundary of their computer knowledge. This comment sounds very passive aggressive to me.

OK, I'm done.

Sorry to bother you! I will muddle through it after I calm down and try to approach it from a fresh perspective. Thank you for your time & effort! I didn't understand or know how to find "the private IP address assigned by your router to your system (which should be the same router that assigned the IP address to the RPi" After researching my Deco it says my LAN IP is subnet mask