Octopi On Pi with Pi camera camera not working need help please🙏🏻

This is probably the millionth time someone asks about octopi with Camera

-Running Rasperry PI 3B
-Raspberry PI Camera v1.2 pi red led comes on after boot up.
-Latest Octoprint downloaded from site
-Flashed the img file into SD
-Changed WiFi network setting ie SSID and password.
-Pi connect fine to WiFi
-Gets ip via router
-I can open octoprint and configure via the IP from my PC can also SSH fine.
-I open control and web feed says unable to open web feed
-Not sure if the url that are populated automatically are correct
-Not sure if octopi.local working correctly ie can resolve it.
-I did a print via pi no problem
-Only the Camera not working

Read millions of posts jut not winning
All help would be appreciated

Hello @antonw69
And the logs you have been asked for ???
They are most precious for help.

Hi Ewald, I will check when I get home in the next 3 hours. I’m not sure how to check firmware on the but I ran, running OctoPi 0.16.0 and when it boots says something about Octoprint 1.13.x but I will check all and revert thank you.

Most of the information like versions are inside the log files.

if pi cam is not working mayby you can try following:
open ssh
type: sudo raspi-config
select 5. Interfacing Options, P1 Camera, enable it by select yes -> enter.

Hi there

Thanks seems like camera was faulty replaced it now all good pricey excercise


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