Octopi/print network issue?

hu guys so iv had octopi running since i got my printer got to be like 2 years or so, no issues with wifi, i moved my printer down stairs (closer to the router) and now the wifi drops out from the router, sometimes it pops back up again and then disappeared,

if i reboot it pops back up, what i have tried: iv set it as a static ip on the pi and the router, and its still dropping out, BUT here is the strange thing if i manage to connect to it say via the pc and the ip, i can acsess the printer regardless if its showing up in the router or not? strange one im stumped.

edit: iv port forward it so i can connect via phone when im away, tested and it connects fine, but not the by the local ip?

Please tell me you have extra security beyond just OctoPrint, and you are not putting your server on the public internet open for all to see.

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nope, i use a port that is way out of range,. but it was only for "testing" anyway lol

you may feel like 64k of possible ports in IPv4 is a huge number and big enough to hide anything but for a computer it's not a big number at all. Same is true for the number of IPv4 public ips. There are many organisations and companies who scan it for profit or science, there are dedicated search engines like shodan, there are black hats and script kiddies who do things for lulz.
If it can be accessed it will be accessed.

A 3d printer is a machine that is capable of tricks like setting itself on fire. And as fires are, they not necessarily limit themselves to just the thing were they started.

Do you really want to risk some bad tempered kid setting up your webcam to stream the ignition of your printer to youtube?

sigh i come her for help. i opened it for like maybe 5 mins to test the problem i was having, this thread has gone out of context,i know how easy it is Trust me....... sooo lets go past this, and maybe find a some sort of solution for the Networking issue im having please?

Nothing beats a cabled connection.

You might try to check the WiFi field with one of those android apps, move the printer to a different place, readjust the antennae of your router (strongest not in the direction they point but 90Β° from that). Look around if there are other devices utilising the band. AP of your neighbours? Again, a wifi scanner may be helpful. Try a different channel for your router (on 2.4: 1-6-11, the others all overlap)

And how many devices are on your wireless network? Those inexpensive routers often max out surprisngly early and push devices out when they cannot handle the number of clients.

im using a asus RT-N66U atm, when it was up stairs it was working fine, i moved it down closer to the router and its having this problem, 7 clients connected channel is on 3 atm and checked only 1 other network device is on there

Your issue with the wifi network seems to be related to the change of location. It is well known that wifi has a limited range and that building structure (walls, floors, drywall, etc.) can interfere and reduce the effective range of communications.

The easiest and simplest way to solve the issue would be to add a wifi repeater located in the basement but closer to the wifi router so the signal strength is improved and communications between the router and printer are also improved.

I do not depend on wifi between the printer and the octoprint server. I use a Pi 4B connected directly to the printer by USB as the server, and I send print jobs and manage the server from my daily driver by wifi. That way communication between the server & printer is never affected by things that interfere with the wifi signal strength.

Not a good idea, I don't care if it was 'only for testing' it should not be done at all. You can read more about the risks of exposing your OctoPrint instance to the web unsecured below:

OctoPrint.org - A Guide To Safe Remote Access of OctoPrint

A simple search on a service such as shodan.io would be enough to find unsecured OctoPrint instances, do not believe that you can hide.