Octopi printing mid-air after filament change on i3-mk3

What is the problem?

I failed to manually change filament in the middle of an Octoprint print session, using Prusa i3 mk3. What's the right process?

What did you already try to solve it?

While printing a large part, I needed to change filament as the spool was nearly empty. I initially paused the print from octoprint but I couldn't find any option (in octoprint) that would allow me to change filament. The printer did not offer the options that would allow me to change the filament, either, from the control panel.

So, I resumed the print from octoprint and paused it from the printer's control panel. This time, I was allowed to manually select to remove the filament using the printer's control panel. For the removal of the filament the printer raised the printhead, but following the insertion of the new filament, it did not return the printhead back to the correct position, i.e. where the print was meant to be resumed from. So, when I selected from the printer's control panel to resume the print, it was printing mid-air.

Have you tried running in safe mode?


Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


Systeminfo Bundle

See attachment.

Additional information about your setup

Octoprint Version 1.8.6, Prusa i3 mk3s, Mozilla Firefox (latest stable), Windows 11 Professional
octoprint-systeminfo-20230208214147.zip (121.9 KB)

Try using the more advanced pause & resume scripts in OctoPrint here so that you can pause the print in OctoPrint and it returns to the same position after you resume


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