OctoPi printing "thinner" than previously

Hello all,

I just set up my OctoPrint, and connected it to my Tevo Tornado. I loaded the Tornado profile, and copied in some g code that was previously sliced in Cura for the same machine.

The parts that are printing are printing "thin." What i mean by that is each string of PLA isn't fully connected to the string beside of it. You can see through the layers, where previously each layer was solid.

Here is a picture mid print:

I'm using the exact same settings and g code file that I used when I printed the parts from an SD card using the built-in Marlin firmware on the Tornado. I'm also using the same filament, same nozzle size, and same temperatures (200 hot end, 60 bed).

I've slowed down the feed rate to 70% and increased the extrusion rate to 125%, but that has not affected the print. It's still printing stringy on every layer.

Is there something that I can change? Does octoprint process the g code in a different manner than Marlin?

Thank you in advance!

OctoPrint doesn't process the GCODE at all, it just pipes it through to your printer's firmware (possibly Marlin). If your printer is printing thinner with the same GCODE, check your printer for clogs.

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Problem solved. New nozzle must have had some gunk or a burr left on it from manufacturing. Cleaned out the nozzle and everything is printing fine.

Thank you!