Octopi Randomly Crashes

Random Crashs

I have rewritten the octopi image onto sd card.

Octoprint.log uploaded as i kept getting an error when i copied and pasted into the post.

Octopi 1.4.0
Raspberry pi 3
Ender 3 pro

Your post is rather unclear. You don't mention if reflashing the octopi image solved your problem or not.
You say you uploaded your log, but provided no link (the link in your post is the generic "where to find logs" article).

All we can say now is that random crashes are often caused by power issues. A crash (or pulling the power) can corrupt the filesystem, and once the file system is corrupted, random crashes can also occur from that.

That's interesting that you've uploaded your octoprint.log. If only we knew where you'd uploaded it to, that might make this easier.

My apologies I thought it uploaded I'll do it when I get home thanks for checking out my post

octoprint.log (117.7 KB)

reflashing temporarily fixed the issue it did the same thing after awhile

Your log does not contain any obvious errors as far as I can see, but it does show many reboots. Since this is happening with a cleanly flashed image, I am still inclined to blame the hardware and most likely something in the power. The power supply seems to deliver sufficient power (no warnings about it not doing so that I can find), but it might cut out suddenly. It could also be that something you have connected to your Pi shorts out and temporarily consumes "all" power available to the Pi.

What do you use to power your Pi, and do you have anything connected other than the printer?

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I am using a cell phone charger to power it and I have a camera and the printer isn't hooked to it, those resets are me I tested it when it stops responding

A charger is a charger and a power adapter is an adapter. You need a bonafide power adapter for a Raspberry Pi 3B. Accept no substitutes.