(Octopi) Server is offline



Octopi disconnect from the server in the middle of a 1.5 day print. It has happened about 5 times now. The print is ruined and there is no way to restart the print. I can still connect to the pi with putty. Anyone knows how to solve this???


First, I'd check to see if you're running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ (note the plus). These are known to freeze up.

Next, I'd make sure that my Raspberry Pi's power supply is 5V 2.5A or better.

Lastly, I'd make sure that my printer's serial cable has metallic shielding or at least, one or two ferrite cores.


All is as you mentioned...


Been Running 3 instances on pi 3+ B no issues. Pi 3 is super picky on power requirements. I provide no less than 3A to my pi. This is with 3 cams also.

Try another power supply with better amps.



At this point, foosel would like to see some logs (octoprint, serial). You might need to toggle on the serial logging, unfortunately.