Octopi shut down all by itself

I have octopi setup and has been working flawlessly, i have an external touchscreen hooked up next to it and was cleaning my office when i heard it pause. i looked over and the raspberry pi had shut itself off

i pulled the logs after turning it back on and i'm not noticing anything except for "shutting down, processing shyutdown event, this will be our last event
event loop shut down

(uploaded logs)

i do have a power button setup to turn the pi on and off via a script, but might be disabling that if you think that is causing it?
from here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVnMZ4DXDNo

i did just run through a few hour print last night without any issue, so it just seems a bit odd that it would stop this morning.

---------- Note - i am rerunning the same print and i'ts past the point where it failed before, so i am hopeful it was a one time thing.

Try it in Safe Mode. If it never does this then you might suspect any plugins you added.

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It did it again about an hour into a print job this morning so I just disabled all the plugins that I installed right before this happened. If it does it again I'll jump into safe mode and run it that way for a few days