Octopi - Shutdown - restart problems

I am hoping that someone here maybe able to help me. I am having a problem where by when I shut down & power off Octoprint. It's hit and miss as to whether the pi will come back up, if I connect a monitor and watch it trying to start up it seems like the disk has become corrupted. This behaviour will happen if I shut down the pi properly or just power off the pi.

I have tried with a number of different sd cards. 4 of them in total and I get the same problem.

It's always best to shutdown before powering off a Linux computer. This will minimize corrupted partitions. The root partition is using the ext4 file system so it should be robust.

If you've used four different microSD cards then it could either be what you're doing or it could be something to do with the delivery of power. Look for a loose power connection at the micro USB there on the Raspberry Pi itself. There were a batch of these that were made in the past which were very loose and wouldn't grip the plug once inserted. Then the printer would move during a print and make/break connections as a result.

A proper 5V 2.5A power adapter is important to this and the best practice is to plug your printer and the Raspi's power adapter into a UPS power supply. (It could have something to do with your building's power.)