Octopi-sudo - such a thing?

Hey all,

Brand new Linux Manjaro user and I need help understanding something.

Found I was having a conflict between Vulkan-intel and Mesa git within the Manjaro Setting Mgr. when I noticed under Display Controller that it was listed as "unknown device name".

I removed mesa git and then chose the "Auto install Open-Source Driver" option but after it completes.....I get an Octopi error popup that says " There are no means to get administrator's credentials. You'll need to install "octopi-sudo" in order to use Octopi."

Am I doing something wrong or IS there such thing as Octopi-sudo?

Octopi means something different within the Manjaro Linux world. There, it's a GUI software management tool. Their website

This has little to do with OctoPrint and the OctoPi image for Raspberry Pi computers. I think you're on the wrong forum, to be honest.