OctoPi timelapse stream URL doesn't work

I was using Repetier-Server and decided to change for Octoprint. I installed the 0.17.0 OctoPi. My problem is with timelpase: my stream URL, to be more specific, it simply doesn't work (as shown in the picture below).

I'm currently using a D-Link IP camera 942-L. It is curious because the Snapshot URL works on OctoPi and directly in my browser (http://user:pass@XXX.XX.XXX.XXX/image/jpeg.cgi). The Stream URL is this: http://user:pass@XXX.XX.XXX.XXX/video/mjpg.cgi (it does work directly on my browser and it also worked on Repetier-Server).

Some additional info:
OctoPi 0.17.0
Raspberry 2 B
German RepRap x1000

Thank you!

Hey, did you ever find a solution? I have a similar problem. I have the suspicion that OctoPi only allows relative URLs/paths in the Stream URL input.

I configured my MJPG-Streamer to use a different port (8081 instead of 8080) and I can access the stream in the browser via http://my-ip:8081/?action=stream and also on the host via but OctoPi will still not show the stream, when I enter this URL into the input.

OctoPrint will allow anything to be embedded in the image tag. When you enter this stream URL, and try and view the camera check the JavaScript console and post any errors you are finding.