Octopi web error

I can't scroll on the web and the error is displayed:

Hi :tentacle:

Please don't delete the template - it's there for a reason. It tells us a lot of important information that we need to help you.

The most important parts are 1. try safe mode and 2. upload a systeminfo bundle .zip.
If you're able to click anything in the webui, you should be able to enable safe mode and download the bundle from there - otherwise you can do it via ssh.
Click on the blue words for further information.

Alternatively, to get to safe mode, go to /recovery on your OctoPrint server and select it from there.

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Attached System info
octoprint-systeminfo-20230609200104.zip (59.9 KB)

Puede entrar con el modo seguro y logré actualizar después de eliminar algún complemento, gracias por la ayuda.

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