Octopi with Pi Control (Apache2)

Hello folks!

I want to use octopi with Pi Control.
This is a neat programm that allowes to see and log the raspberry temperature.
For this I had to install apache and PHP on my raspberry Pi 3B+.

Even its still not working you can guess that apache now has somehow "overwritten" my octopi webserver config.

After a reboot there is a short time where I can reach octoprint on my local network.
As soon as apache is running, there is only the default page of apache availible.

Can you tell me where the "default page" of octopi is located and where I should point my default page to on the apache config? thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I will reply this to myself, hoping that someone else with the same goal fund it helpfull in the future:

I had to change the ports that apache is listening to at /etc/apache2/ports.conf
After this I also relinked the "virtual ports" for http and https at

now apache just listens to my given ports (different then 80 and 443) and octoprint is running like before :slight_smile:

OctoPrint doesn't have a "default page" you could serve through Apache. It has its own web server. You can modify your Apache configuration to act as a reverse proxy in front of OctoPrint.

From your description it sounds though that you now have two servers trying to bind to port 80, OctoPi's own bundled haproxy that comes preconfigured to join both OctoPrint and the bundled webcam server to be accessible via port 80, and now your apache. Personally I'd probably just rather go for this plugin which also adds the Pi's temperature to OctoPrint instead of running a second full blown webserver and a PHP script for that, but YMMV.

What you definitely should do now is either use Apache as the reverse proxy (and stop haproxy) or reconfigure Apache to listen on another port (81 instead of 80 for example), the proxy to that from haproxy (or don't and just point your browser there).

Thanks foosel for your celebrity visit :wink:

That is exactly what I have done :slight_smile:
I set Apacke to a listen to different ports (changed 80 and 443 to differen ports) and everything works great now - beside that "Pi Control" seesms to have some issues with the new access rights of raspbian stretch :smiley:
But this is another chapter and I am in touch with its developer right now.

I know that this apache-php-log thing is a bit overkill, but as I build the printer myself, I want to have a look at the temps of the past hours and days to see, if my cooling-modifications results in a petter cooling performance :smiley:

My what? :joy: That certainly is a new one :sweat_smile: