Octopi won't connect to creator pro



I got a creator pro running sailfish a few days ago and have been trying to configure it with my raspi 3 octopi, which I had working for my monoprice select mini V2. The problem is that it just won't connect. I've tried selecting the baudrates individually, increasing the timeout, 3 different USB cables, running it in safe mode, and sacrificing a goat.

lsusb does recognize some kind of connected device, and sometimes the printer will play its little music and flash the firmware version as I try to connect, but it doesn't actually do so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Have you tried the GPX plugin?


Hey, thanks for the reply. I have tried the plugin to no avail. Though I was under the impression it was just involved in converting the gcode (not communicating with the printer?).


In the context of OctoPrint it "translates" the communication protocol and files on the fly. If you have a sailfish based printer, you'll definitely need that plugin, but it might need some work to get it to talk correctly with your printer.

Maybe @markwal has any hints, or a google search for your printer in combination with OctoPrint might help.


Okay, thanks. I'll definitely make sure to keep that activated while I try more things.

Every link I can find on this topic is purple, unfortunately.


Just an update. There was an update of the GPX plugin and now it works! Celebration!


Mark this discovery as the solution then please :wink: