OctoPi won't open anymore

I've been using octoprint successfully for a few weeks now. Starting tonight, all of a sudden octopi.local won't open. Nothing has changed, as I was just printing successfully last night. Any ideas as to what might be causing this to happen so suddenly. I'm on a mac, accessing through Safari.


Could be just about anything. Any more info you can provide will help troubleshoot.

Can you successfully ping it? $ ping octopi.local

Can you SSH in? $ ssh octopi.local

Can you access other machines on your network from the machine you're running Safari on?

On my network, I find that sometimes the .local tld stops resolving for reasons I don't completely understand and I can only access via octopi (or whatever the hostname is, w/o .local).

I have the same issue... Not even the IP works... From the looks of it I have to hook a monitor up and login via that.

When I try to ping to it, it comes back as unknown host. When I try to ssh to it, nothing else happens. Seems like it’s trying to connect to it, but never does. Anything else to try, or should I just start over with the Octoprint install and see if that works?

I also just checked the router's device list, and it is showing Octopi as offline, if that gives any other hints.

In that case I guess it's time to take a look at

and also to connect a keyboard and monitor to it and try to see if that helps in any way. If it doesn't connect to the router, it's not even getting on the network.

i have exactly the same issue but my octoprint dies within hours.

connecting monitor to it does not help as all i get is black screen.

I finally fixed the issue, and it was honestly the easiest thing imaginable. As i was researching this issue more, i found that the Pi3 will sometimes not automatically reconnect to the wifi, if it has been disconnected for any reason. That jogged my memory, and my ISP had recently done some work in the area, so I assumed our network was down for a short time one day. I unplugged the Pi, plugged in back in, and that was the fix! It booted right up and connected to wifi, and I've been able to print ever since! I'm a bit upset with myself that I didn't try this to begin with, but at least it all works now.