OctoPrint 1.3.11rc1 Feedback [Ubuntu]



Yesterday i install the new RC1
System: Ubuntu 18.04.02
FW: Klipper

i started from the scratch (fresh install of stable version and update to RC) and i see three problems:

  1. The Webcam Window is not shown anymore
  2. The pluginlist is not scrollable anymore
  3. Error Message in the log regarding "pnotify.maxheight.js"

Regarding 3:
I download manually the file from the git and the error in the logfile disappears. >> Solved

Regarding 2:
Under IE the pluginlist is as expected. With the latest version of Chrome it is not possible to scroll down etc etc

Regarding 1:
Regarding this point iam a little bit helpless. In the config page the Webcam Picture is available. But in the move tab... there is no webcam viewer anymore.

All points i verify also with the safemode... no change. Any hint and tipps or maybe other users with Octoprint on an Ubuntu System?!

No webcam window:

Test with IE:

Test with google chrome

Webcam test OK:

log_octoprint.zip (3.1 KB)



Issue 2 solved. I delete the cookies and now it works. (plugin list)


Please open full bug reports for this or at the very least keep the feedback to the dedicated ticket for it.

Otherwise it becomes really tricky to keep an overview of what is going on with the RC and chances are high issues will get overlooked or lost, which kinda defeats the point of reporting them in the first place :wink:

Thank you.

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