OctoPrint 1.5.0 + GCodeLeveling Plugin Caused Extruder to Stop Working

Just heads up that when I did the 1.5.0 upgrade yesterday, the extruder stopped working. Took me a while to figure it out. It turned out the GcodeLevelling plugin and 1.5.0 don't seem to get along well. You essentially lose all of your E commands in the Gcode along the pipeline and thus your printer extrudes nothing. The XYZ moves are fine as well as all other moves, just the extruder E moves get killed.

To resolve I simply disabled the GcodeLevlling plugin and presto, back to normal.


thanks for letting us now :+1:

unfortunately you aren't the first with that problem after the update.
I suggest you keep the plugin disabled until a new version is released

I've reported this to the author here:

It would probably be a good idea for anyone affected by this to help the author with analysing this issue by providing logs and such in this ticket.

I've also blacklisted the plugin on the repository for OctoPrint >= 1.5.0.

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Good Grief! I thought was an issue with my printer...Works perfectly fine from SD card - and now, THANKS to you tip, after disabling the Octolpase Plugin.
Sent as well, as requested the logs.octoprint.log (241.1 KB)

However, as Octolapse and the time lapse videos are part of my goal....kinda, looking for options alternative solutions....

Update for OctoLapse is available as of about 10 hours ago, you should get the update notification within 24 hours or you can force check for updates/reinstall it too.