Octoprint 1.5.3 Drag and drop folder upload doubled


I just updated to Octopi 0.18.0 and then Octoprint to 1.5.3. Alle worked seamlessly. Ever since that update when I upload a new gcode file via drag and drop into a folder it gets uploaded twice: into the folder and in the main folder of Octopi.

Am I doing something wrong or is that a bug?


Very difficult to say, because we are missing some information now you have been asked for, but sadly you deleted the template...

So you may check if it works correctly in safe mode.

And logs also come in quite handy.


FYI I encountered the same problem.
This is not an OctoPrint issue but instead a problem with the DisplayLayerProgress plugin.
File created during upload · Issue #207 · OllisGit/OctoPrint-DisplayLayerProgress (github.com)


Thak you for the swift replies. I will pay a lot more attention to the template in the future.
The DisplayLayerProgress plugin is also the "culprit" in my case.