Octoprint allways failing to finish print

Hello everyone,
i have an Ender 3 pro since about a week and are very happy with it. But i am failing to get Octoprint running with it.
I spend most of the weekend without success.
At first everything seems fine but after some time (hours) the print just stops and Octoprint reports

State: Offline (Error: SerialException: 'device reports readiness to read but returned no data (device disconnected or multiple access on port?)' @ comm.py:_readline:2823)

I replaced the USB Cable because the Pi was complaining about undervoltage.
With the new cable it seems to be happy about the voltage.
There is only the printer and an PS3 Camera connected to the Pi.
I run Octoprint 1.4.1 on Octopi 0.17.0
My Ender 3 pro is flashed with Marlin 2.0.6
octoprint.log (2.3 MB) serial.log (2.1 MB)