Octoprint and Duet3D RRF

I would like to use Octoprint for multicolor prints with a Mosaic Palette and my Duet3D Reprap driven printer. Unfortunately I cannot get it to work properly. The problem is that it is stuttering when starting a print. I already tried it with "M555 P2" to set Marlin compatibility but that also doesn't change anything.

So my question is if Reprap version 3 is supported by Octoprint.

Thanks and stay well.

OctoPrint interacts with a small subset of gcode commands which Reprap version 3 probably didn't change. To record OctoPrint's interactions, you enable the serial.log. Without logs, we can only guess the answer to your question (using a Ouija board). Note that some of my answer is underlined in blue. These are links that you can click which will give you further instructions on how to collect the information that we need.