Octoprint and Prucaslicer issues

Slicer (Prusaslicer, 2.5, Windows 11)

What is the problem? After first layer or so extruder reverses and continues to airprint

What did you already try to solve it? Put exactly same file on USB drive print from USB and it works fine

Logs (octoprint.log [X2-octoprint(1).log|attachment](upload://mUE6cZwpwaaNSzVh5COBwrxuagk.log) (140.4 KB) [X1-octoprint(2).log|attachment](upload://5qvPtCk1IJgyBM2bsh3a20Rs1W1.log) (55.0 KB) , serial.log or output on terminal tab, ... no logs, no support)

Example GCODE file
Uploading: SquarePotRectangles_0.3mm_PLA_X1_2h16m.gcode...

Additional information about your setup (1.83, OctoPi version, Artillery Sidewinder X1 or X2, firmware...)

Hello @jimsoar !

There are neither the logs, nor the sample gcode accessible.

If you upload the systeminfo bundle, please do not unzip it, just upload the complete zip file in the next post.

You can use the upload feature in the editors tool bar:


Same for the gcode file

X1-octoprint(2).log (55.0 KB)
X2-octoprint(1).log (140.4 KB)
octoprint-systeminfo-20220922160757.zip (57.9 KB)
octoprint-systeminfo-20220922160723.zip (28.2 KB)
Logs attached