OctoPrint and touch display


I use a Raspi 4 with the actual Octopi and OctoPrint version.

I want to connect a 5" display (HDMI) to use Octodash. If I connect the display it shows only a grey screen.
For the display I had to add at the end of the config.txt some lines.
Now the system tried to start, but stopped then. I could not reach it. It only runs without the additional lines.

Do I have to install Octodash before over the terminal?

I tried to connect the display to a raspi with the normal operating system and it works without any additional lines in the config.txt.

Could somebody give me some advices what I have to do for a running system?

Thanks and best regards!

Can you please provide version numbers?
Things can changes fast.

What lines?

OctoPrint version : 1.9.2
OctoPi version : 0.18.0

added by elecrow-pitft-setur

dtoverlay=ads7846,cs=1,penirq=25,penirq_pull=2,speed=50000,keep_vref_on=0, swapxy=0,pmax=255,xohms=150,xmin=200,xmax=3900,ymin=200,ymax=3900 

end elecrow-pitft-setup

Ah, and please the syseteminfo bundle that was requested when you opened this thread.

I think I found my mistake, I have to connect the display to the 13*2 Pin Socket. But this is not possible for me because I use it for the relays and other things.

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