Octoprint Anet A8 ORIGINAL FIRMWARE pause resume

OctoPrint : 1.3.9


It seems that Pause/ Resume scripts for Marlin firmware doesn't work for Anet A8 with ORIGINAL FIRMWARE

Wonder if anybody knows what scripts can be used with Octoprint and Anet A8 ORIGINAL FIRMWARE to implement correct pause/resume operation

I think nobody wants to use the A8 with den ORIGINIAL FIRMWARE for several reason.

And no scripts can be used to pause the printer when it is not in the firmware.

But it fits crappy printer and crappy firmware.
Flash a normal Marlin on it ...

All other things are just wasted time...
AND burn your house down.

I tried Marlin and don't like it for several reasons. Anet A8 with ORIGINAL FIRMWARE works perfectly for me. I am just trying to figure out if it is possible.

This thread might be helpful, I dunno. As mentioned, it sounds like the stock compilation of firmware on your printer doesn't include a good pause/resume feature behind-the-scenes.

I found a solution:


M83 ; relative extruder moves
G1 E-3 F250 ; retract filament 3mm
M82 ;absolute extruder moves
G91 ; relative moves
G1 Z5 F3000 ; raise nozzle 5mm
G90 ; absolute moves
G1 X0 Y0 F3000 ; move head out of the way of the print

    RESUME JOB Anet A8

M402 ;Go to stored position

Here is the result

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Dear red_star_rc,

I'm actually using Anet A8 using original stock firmware.
I don't quite get it in your posting how to enable the function of pause resume using Cura.
Would you mind to guide in details.
That's say for example; I intent to pause it at layer 14 for filament exchange.

Appreciate your kind assistance.

First, the post is like 3 years old, likely outdated information when you dig up old threads. 2nd, don't use the stock Anet A8 firmware since it has the thermal protection stuff disabled.

This post is about the pause and resume scripts of OctoPrint, what is triggered when you press 'pause' in the UI. It's not related to Cura, it's slicer independent.

As far as I remeber it was done for manual Pause/Resume. Never use it for real life.
Here is the article: