Octoprint Anwyhere to Spaghetti detective

Looks like Octoprint Anywhere is going to be replaced by the Spaghetti Detective. People are "strongly urged" to ditch software that works nicely, for something which seems crippled if you don't pay for it. Bah.

The free plan gets 10 detective hours per month, but you can turn off the detective feature. This leaves you with 1 frame every 10 seconds. My printer is on a network where I can't get a port forward to host the files myself, so I'll be figuring that out...

You could also stream to twitch or youtube :slight_smile:

thanks, sounds like a great idea.
does the printer automatically stop streaming when it's not printing?

Tbh I never tested it :smiley:
Just check out the plugins and see for yourself :slight_smile:



how are those two even related?!?!?!? OA is afaic just a monitor from anywhere, you can do that with telegram plugin or use OA... on the other hand SD is doing the detection of the print failure, why would you replace OA with SD, if you need OA (or telegram plugin or ...) you use it, if you need SD you use it too .. they don't exclude each other?! as for the "crippled, only 10 hours etc.." it's open source, you can host the server yourself (I do hos server myself and my printers connect to my local SD server) and have infinite print hours detection but you have to employ some resources, you can't expect them to give you these resources for free ML is cpu(gpu) intensive..

how are they related?
well, whenever I open Octoprint Anywhere I see this message:

" OctoPrint Anywhere will be succeeded by The Spaghetti Detective, a better webcam streaming tool with AI-based print failure detection.
Please [uninstall OctoPrint Anywhere and install The Spaghetti Detective plugin as soon as possible."

yes, I'm aware the spaghetti detective offers a lot more features, which I don't need.
yes, hosting isn't free, but I run only one printer and was 100% happy with Octoprint Anywhere.

To be honest, I never even visited the website for Anywhere before now and I didn't know that there was a pricing schedule for that. My biggest advice regarding it has been to disable it when it's caused people problems.

Stalking their product now does indeed turn up all kinds of notices that they're moving to Spaghetti. Note that I've also suggested to people that they disable it when it's caused problems.

Neither allow remote access to the OctoPrint UI, for what it's worth.

  1. OctoPrint Anywhere: The first printer is free. $5/month: 2-3 printer. $10/month: unlimited printers. :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:
  2. The Spagehtti Detective: Free account is 1 printer. Pro account: $3/month for first printer. $1.5/month for additional printers. :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:

No UI access seems like a huge bonus to me. Even if somebody hacks their way into the interface (server or client), there's not much that should go wrong.

but it's issue for ppl making anywhere plugin, I doub't it is same ppl as TSD, maybe they are, dunno, if they are it makes sense not to maintain 2 plugins, especially as now some work needs to be put in to support both 2 and 3 python.. but it's open source, you can fork the anywhere and .. or there's a server side of it?

The same person does indeed make OctoPrint Anywhere and The Spaghetti Detective.

The author of OctoPrint Anywhere and The Spaghetti Detective here.

The reason why I am pushing for this transition is that I don't want to maintain 2 plugins. Sorry that it doesn't seem to work out for you @teus

The biggest difference for the free plan between OctoPrint Anywhere and The Spaghetti Detective is really just 1/4 fps (OctoPrint Anywhere) vs 1/10 fps (TSD) in webcam streaming. I also tried to optimize the experience in TSD so that the first 5 seconds when you open the feed you got 2 frames. For most users 5 seconds is all they need. I also threw in 10 Detective Hours for the free plan in TSD. So I thought moving from OA to TSD is a win for most users... but I do understand that there will be circumstances under which OA just works better than TSD, no matter how hard I try to eliminate them. :frowning:

Hey, Kenneth. You might want to do some stress-testing of TSD when the Internet connectivity is spotty. I know that we've had some people on here have had some trouble printing when they (temporarily) lost their Internet connectivity.

I have done quite a bit of stress testing, including network conditions and power conditions etc.

Mind sharing the links to users who ran into problems?

Anywhere freezes, Anywhere-related log errors and another similar. Just search here in the Get Help area for "freeze" plus either of your plugins. Another with Spaghetti and framerate and a more generic search. And of course we have many on here from people trying to run both of your plugins simultaneously. It might help for your Spaghetti to detect an enabled Anywhere and throw a popup for the user.