Octoprint webcam Frezze

Today I noticed that the my Webcam freezes after 3 seconds connected to my pi

On the website video is still there but it doesn't refresh anymore

I tried to switch the power supply
And the camera is known good too

Is ist possible that some plug-ins might interfere with the live feed the last plug in I installed was The spaghetti detective

My setup is build around an raspberry pi 4 b with octoPI

Try disabling the 25FPS streaming option in The Spaghetti Detective. This is under the plugin's advanced options. Check the checkbox then save the setting and COMPLETELY reboot the Raspberry Pi. Also what webcam are you using?

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I don't use a Webcam it's an action cam which can be used as Webcam too I had it working so I know it is fine

I'd didn't know that plug-ins change stuff even when the octopi is in safe mode I had enabled to check if a plug was the problem and even then it did not work but thanks the spaghetti detective was the problem (It didn't really give up yet because sometimes it reveres the 25 fps streaming setting XD)