Octoprint anywhere slow video


Octoprint video is extremely slow when accessing through octoprint anywhere and astroprint but works great on a local network

Im running a raspberry pie 3B over wifi and using a sony playstation eye camera. Astroprint will barely take a still image and octoprint anywhere only updates the image every 60-90 seconds. My internet is plenty fast enough (can stream 1080P movies on 3 different devices at the same time with no issues). I can connect to my local network with my cell phone and see the stream perfectly in both octoprint anywhere and astropritn but when I leave the local network, all I can get is basically a still image that updates every 30-90 seconds.

Any ideas on how to speed it up?


the mjpeg streaming of the cams is really bulky.

I've dabbled with replacements and keep getting stuck in html5-compatible video hell.


Swapped camera (logitec 270), went ethernet instead of wifi, still the same issue. When I connect straight through octoprint on my devices by using the ip address, it works perfectly. When I onnect remotely using "Octoprint Anywhere" or "Astroprint", it has about a 30 second delay between frames. Would port forwarding/static IP and connecting that way be faster/better or am I just SOL?


I seem to remember an update for Octoprint Anywhere that was supposed to speed it up, but, I only see the one file now

Maybe the update was incorporated into the original ?


Just downloaded it about 3 days ago so I would assume that it is current. You know what they say about assumptions though!


Was there a resolution or update to this?