OctoPrint AP Mode

I've been able to use CustoPiZer to create an OctoPi image that bundles RaspiWiFi (with GPIO removed due to potential plugin conflicts). This allows you to flash the img file to an SD card or USB thumb drive without configuring the WiFi ahead of time. After the initial boot up process a new OctoPi-#### SSID will be available to connect to. Once connected open your browser to and you'll be able to select the wifi to connect to and set the password.


Cool. Thank you!

It has a fairly bad bug that if you use this to switch to client mode and connect to a wifi network it can break when the connection is lost, and probably reboot the pi even if printing. I'm working on fixing that but if you are purely running in AP mode it shouldn't effect you at all.

I believe I have the bug worked out utilizing a plugin in the image to check printer state prior to switching between client mode and AP host mode. The build just finished up on GitHub and I'll be testing it shortly.