Octoprint Bugging when Cancelling and Restarting a Print

Hey fellas, I have a huge problem which I just cannot fix.. Thanks a lot in advance

What is the problem?

Firstly: I have Octoprint mounted to my NAS in order to not having to store all uploads on the SD card. So I have my Octoprint uploads folder mounted to one of my NAS's folders which overall works perfectly.

I start a print via OctoPrint and Cancel it (because it messed up or whatever) in the OctoPrint Dashboard.
After clearing the printbed, I press "Print" again and then I will be prompted with the error message and have to Connect the printer again. This keeps happening over and over everytime I press "print" for the same file again. Other files, that havent been cancelled, will work fine, no problem. Just not the one that got cancelled before.

Now there is two ways of solving this with an additional Bug for me:

  1. bugfree: Remove the File from the uploads folder, rename it and move it to the uploads folder again
  2. bug: Restart my Pi. This will automatically delete (WHY????) the cancelled file from my uploads directory/from my NAS but after that it will work fine. Except for the fact that I have lost the bespoken .gcode File which I will have to upload again.

Have you tried running in safe mode?


Systeminfo Bundle

octoprint-systeminfo-20230222081735.zip (145.2 KB)


Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, Prusa MK3S, Google Chrome, QNAP NAS

Short explanation with pictures for the logs (starting 08:08:01 in the logs):

  1. Upload file to uploads folder, print it

  2. Cancel the print

  3. "Print" again - Error Message and losing Connection

  4. Reconnecting, "Print" again - same.

  5. Reconnecting, changing file name to newXXX, not working.
    5.1 Reconnecting, deleting file out of "uploads", changing name to NewXXX, move into uploads, working.

  6. Printing & Cancelling NewXXX

  7. Print again -> Error message

  8. Reboot System/Pi -> File gone from directory right after clicking "Reboot System"

Has noone got any ideas or did I just explain it poorly/missing something?

Most likely no one has ideas. Does the same issue happen if you just use a local uploads folder instead of putting it on the NAS?

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