Octoprint camera Logitech C920

Raspberry Pi3
Logitech C920 camera

I want to have 16:9 ratio, manual focus and higher quality of picture inside octoprint for timelapse.

  1. cd /root/bin
  2. sudo nano webcamd
  3. I changed:

camera_usb_options="-r 1920x1080 -f 10"

Is this right way, how to change focus and ratio aspect to 16:9 ?

I don´t know this webcam, but focus are generally mechanical. Maybe you need to disassemble and turn the lens, because webcams can´t focus too close.

For the ratio, you can change in "Settings/Webcam & Timelapse".

If you have development on these settings and are able to validate that they work, i would be interested to know. I have the same camera and i'm looking to do something similar. I want to fix the focus because the mechanical focus keeps adjusting when the y axis moves back and forth. Since my printer is printing for hundreds of hours, i'm worried that my camera will simply wear down and break soon.

That's making me think.... and i dont want to hijack the thread... does anyone know if the camera keeps working, filming, and especially focusing when no one is watching the feed or the time lapse is off?

Many variable focus webcams use a similar method to mobile phones (liquid lenses), so failure of the autofocus mechanism is pretty rare.

Well this button at Octoprint don't change anything regarding aspect ratio ?!?

With 16:9 I get black left and right and on middle 4:3 picture :frowning:

As it’s written there, this happens if the camera has a different aspect ratio.

If you change the camera aspect ratio and resolution at the files in /boot folder, you should restart the raspberry after that to apply the changes.