Octoprint cannot connect to Geeetech A30

I have a kinda weird situation, in which my EzPi will not connect to my Geeetech A30. To try to make a long story short, here is what's going on that I am looking for help with: I have a FFCP that has been running on an EzPi with a functional Pi camera for what, about 2 years now without a single issue. I bought an EzPi for my A30, but for some reason the image for it did not contain any support for a Pi camera (none of the files are present for it). So to confirm it wasn't the hardware causing the problem, I took an image of the FFCP EzPi and blew it onto another SD card, put that in the A30 EzPi. It came up great, Pi camera working beautifully, but for some reason it will NOT connect to the printer. The printer beeps acknowledging the connection attempt from the Pi, but a couple seconds later Pi comes back with an Unexpected error while connecting to serial port: AUTO IspError: ''Timeout'' @ comm.py:_openSerial:2611 (hook default) error message. I have confirmed the presence of ttyUSB0 in /dev, and know the USB cable is good because it's exactly the same cable used to connect to it with the A30 image successfully. I went this route as in emailing TH3D about the issue, he suggested that the owner would not let them work on the camera issue, so figured this might be the easier way to go. TH3D further advised that I go here to try to see if I can find a fix before going the paid support route at $75 bucks an hour. HELP?!?!? Using I think it was dmesg I confirmed that the Pi is seeing the USB connection, by making sure nothing else was plugged into any of the USB ports, ssh'ing into the Pi and watching the log file, then plugging in and unplugging the printer. Pi registers the activity with both actions. I have also done a sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade on the FFCP image in the A30, as well as on the A30 image trying to get the camera to work - no help. The nexus behind this, is I installed and am using Octoprint Anywhere on both printers so I can monitor and control prints remotely if I have to leave during a long print to prevent creating a "lava rock" on the extruder with PETG if the print fails. Octoprint Anywhere drops the rate down to 3 FPS if you use anything but a Pi camera. (USB Webcam does work on the A30 image, but no go with a Pi camera).

IMHO you should go to the TH3D forum.
It's a third party product and they earn money with it and I think its unfair to support you here.
If we start supporting TH3D they will send all their customers to this forum and got an easy job.
Just my opinion and maybe I'm alone with it but that's how I see it.

No offense

I have posted to their Facebook forum, to their forum, talked to them on the phone and exchanged emails with them, and unless I want to spend $75 bucks an hour with them, no help so far. No offense taken at all, but I went here as well, because it seems to be a more active forum, and at it's heart, EzPi is Octoprint that they tweak a gold image on, blow it on a disk, package it up with a $24 Pi and a printed case and power supply and ship it out for $119 bucks. If I knew then, what I know now.....

Issue resolved - magically. I powered up the Pi this afternoon after work, changed the timeouts in the interface to 10 sec, and selected /dev/ttyUSB0 as the port (which I have done 50 x before) and it all connected. Mumbo jumbo vebel vitch, gett outa there you gosh darn glitch!

So go back to all the places where people are rating their product and let them know how you feel about this business model.

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