OctoPrint can't connect to CR-10s pro after printer firmware update

I can't see temp and control temp after my printer's firmware updated. but i can control like auto home. and octoprint message is Error: Too many consecutive timeouts, printer still connected and alive?. So I updated octoprint to 1.4.0. but it can't solved. octoprint (2).log (71.9 KB) serial (2).log (6.2 KB)

Hello @froglike6!

You may check the baudrate:



I checked baudrate. but baudrate is correct. I can control printer's axises.

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First thing I would do is blow away the stock firmware and load the current released Marlin firmware. I have an Ender 3 and an Anet A8 both with stock mainboards - getting the bootloader onto the Ender3 mainboard is tricky but not impossible - and you need to do that before loading Marlin. That should fix it - sounds like the stock firmware has troubles. I use a Raspberry Pi as my Arduino programmer and the latest Arduino gui..

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