Octoprint cant get IP

Raspberry Pi 3B cannot get an IP address either through ethernet or wifi

I've attempted reinstallations and connecting to different switches around the house. Used notepad ++ to edit wifi script

The network is a simple powerline adapter to each area of the network. So I'm going from the server rack switch to the adapter then to the PI. The network has no issues like this before since the switch itself gets internet from a powerline adapter set direclty connected to the Router/Modem


If you have the chance to connect a HDMI monitor or TV to the Pi, at the end of the startup sequence you get the IP address of the Pi

That’s the thing, I do have the PI hooked to a small all in one monitor for it. With the Pins connected and an HDMI bridge but I get a returned up address such as 169.x.x.x but I’m on a 192.168.1.x network.

Did you already connect your printer to the pi?
Could be a power related problem. Depending on the printer, the pi and the psu ethernet and/or wifi could fail.
If it still doesn't work I would try to connect the pi directly to your router - just to rule out the switch and the powerline.

Interesting, so the PI can obtain the IP when only directly connected to the printer for some reason. Even though the switch gets its address and distributes the address from the router to 2 severs and 3 computers. But alas the PI remains steadfast in being stubborn

I am also having this problem but not getting any displayed address for the pi