Octoprint causes layershift and other problems

What is the problem?
Using octoprint i got several issues with my latest prints. I get layer shifting in about 80% of my prints.
Also circles are not printed with even speed, its more like - - - - - - - - (at least the steppers sound like that)

What did you already try to solve it?
I suspected, that it has to do with slow data transmission rates. Maybe thats why circles are not printed evenly. And maybe it causes the printer to speed up way over the allowed acceleration limit.
I removed every plugin - no change
I reinstalled octoprint completely - no change
Printing the samge .gcode from the printers SD card works flawless.

Logs ( octoprint.log , serial.log or output on terminal tab, browser error console ...)
Found none with failing print. I can try to start a new print and get his log if needed.

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ...)
Raspberry Pi Model B Plus Rev 1.2
Prusa i3 MK2S
Octoprint 1.3.11
Octopi 0.16.0

Hi @ThePaddes

We appreciate the logs for sure.


"On the older beta Model B boards, 128 MB was allocated by default to the GPU, leaving 128 MB for the CPU."
~ wiki

The original Model B only has 256MB of RAM and out of the box it was probably setup to have only 128MB for the CPU. Compare this to the Raspberry Pi 3B with 1GB of RAM and (1GB - 16MB) for the CPU memory.

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Im pretty sure you were also able to choose 16 MB with the first one (rev 1.2 shouldn't be the beta board) but you're right this board is probably too weak for this task

Had no problems for the last 2 years. started about ~2-3 months ago.
I got another RaspberryPi around here. Not sure which version it has.
I will try the other board within the next days.

Maybe octoprint or some plugin got a little bit more demanding after an update and that's the reason it startet now.
It also it could be a failing part - the sd card or the power supply for example.

Logs could be helpfull

If you upload 2-3 pics of your other pi I might be able to tell you which version it is.