Octoprint connection to internet

I have a weird issue that whatever I do, the octoprint fails to connect to the internet. If I do a connectivity check to port 53, the test fails. The hostname resolution check works just fine. If I replace by a hostname/port 80, the connectivity check is ok, so there is access to the internet. However I still can not install plug-ins or connect to obico, from obico I get a message it fails to connect to the server.

I'm running octoprint on a raspberry pi 4 which is connected via Wifi to a ZTE H369A router and the dutch KPN network. I have set time and area correctly on the pi. If I SSH to the pi and do a ping, the ping tot fails, a ping to my own website reinierdevlaam.nl is ok.

I'm running out of ideas, please help.

In the binding list of my router, the IP address that was connected to the pi was also linked to another device, that was no longer present in my network. Odd that it gave the IP address to another device than listen in the binding list, but once I changed the MAC address in the binding list to that of the pi my problem was solved

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