Octoprint connection

Hello guys I have a issue with reconnecting to my printer after I shut it off and then back on again, the only way I can reconnect the octoprint is after I restart my computer, it will stay connected as long as I don’t turn off the printer, this issue has been driving me crazy. Wondering if anyone has any ideas??


If you turn off the power to your printer then your Pi computer will likely backpower the printer's control board via the serial connection. You might search the forum here for "5v tape".

Personally, I power everything like this:

  • UPS
    • TP-Link SmartPlug
      • Ikea KOPPLA
        • Printer's power brick
        • Pi's power adapter

At the end of a session, I run System -> Shutdown from OctoPrint's menu. When that's done, I use either the Alexa or the Kasa app on my phone to toggle off the TP-Link SmartPlug. In the reverse case, toggling on power turns everything on together.

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