Octoprint Dashboard

I have looked for a solution to manage my printers with octopi and Josef Prusa showed something like that in a video he made in march 2015.

I'm looking for some sort of dashboard on which you see the status of all the printers and when you click on the printer you go to the selected printer.

I have more then one printer using octopi.

Who can help me with this or has an idea to make this? Looking forward to your responds.

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If you are able & willing to put some work into it first, this project looks like what you might be looking for but has sadly been abandoned and needs some love before it will work properly. A user on Github made some modifications and shared them but I don't know if those (still) work.

Then there's also Poseidon made by Josh from E3D, that's a command line interface though.

In principle it should be fairly easy to create your own dashboard thanks to the API, and the JS client lib should make using that - including push updates - even easier, but I sadly don't know of any other existing projects besides the two up there. Maybe there are more and people just don't tell me about them :wink:

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You may also want to check out the Polar Cloud at polar3d.com. You can hook up multiple OctoPrint's to it and see the video streams all on one page (assuming you've got the bandwidth). (Full disclosure: I wrote the plugin that connects OctoPrint to the Polar cloud.)


Repetier Server Pro (paid software) has that multi printer dashboard, could that have been what you saw mr Prusa using? Are you sure it was OctoPrint?

@foosel Thanks! I will look into the several projects. At least I have a starting point now.
@markwal Bandwith is a bit of an issue here, next month fiber will be installed so I have to be patient.
On the otherhand I'm not a fan of cloud based.
@PythonAteMyPerl, no it was not Repetier Server Pro, at 0:47 sec in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dv_usQ1XvOc you see what I mean. Josef is talking about part 2 but that never made it to the public.

Thanks everyone, I got homework to do. :wink:

Just a small note regarding bandwidth-

Polar3d updates the video feeds live when on the local network, and every 30 seconds when non-local.
That makes me suspect that when you are are on the same network as the printers it is not passing footage up and back down.

Obviously this is still a cloud situation, but I figured I'd just throw that bit of info in.