Octoprint_deploy script

I used the paukstelis/octoprint_deploy script to enable multiple printers from a single pi, and I have two printers and both are accessible from their URL. I'm having an issue understanding how to make the printers accessible to Cura through their instances.

Cura detects the printers but they're listed together in the same profile (Creality Ender-3) and when I connect one, it disconnects the other. I have a 2nd pi and I can toggle between them using the drop down but I can't select between the two printers set up through the script. It's one or the other. I tried to add the instance through the add-printer wizard but it doesn't find them by IP.


pic 1


in printer manager set the active printer up with connect octoprint button, make sure to press the connect button after you've done the api bits. then activate the second printer in cura and repeat.

That's where I run into the issue. When I activate the first printer through the "connect" button it's fine. Then when I connect the 2nd printer it disconnects the first.

Sorry let me clarify, my 2 instances don't appear in the Preset printers window, they are only viewable in the Manage printers screen where you can connect them to Octoprint. That's where they toggle back and forth from connected to disconnected.

Thank you for your help with this.

That's what I was referring to before. You have to add a second printer in Cura.