Octoprint dies on LAN but works via WAN

What is the problem?
I lose connectivity to octoprint via LAN after printing starts.
What did you already try to solve it?
I can access via octoeverywhere.com
Logs (syslog, dmesg, ... no logs, no support)
I can't ssh to rpi.
Additional information about your network (Hardware you are trying to connect to, hardware you are trying to connect from, router, access point, used operating systems, ...)

LAN via DHCP works perfectly fine until printing starts. Once I start printing after 30 mins or so I started losing connectivity.

askdba:~ askdba$ ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
Request timeout for icmp_seq 1
ping: sendto: No route to host
Request timeout for icmp_seq 2
ping: sendto: Host is down
Request timeout for icmp_seq 3
ping: sendto: Host is down
Request timeout for icmp_seq 4
--- ping statistics ---
6 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100.0% packet loss

This isn't correct cause printing is in progress and I'm able to access via UI over octoeverywhere.
Recv: ok N28104 P0 B7
Send: N28105 G1 X73.212 Y182.223 E462.4557381
Recv: ok N28105 P0 B7
Send: N28106 G1 X72.865 Y181.595 E462.48556
Recv: ok N28106 P0 B7
Send: N28107 G1 X72.624 Y181.309 E462.5011108
Recv: ok N28107 P0 B7
Send: N28108 G1 X72.414 Y181.052 E462.5149
Recv: ok N28108 P0 B7
Send: N28109 G1 X72.124 Y180.807 E462.5306993
Recv: ok N28109 P0 B7
Send: N28110 G1 X71.869 Y180.588 E462.54466
Recv: ok N28110 P0 B7
Send: N28111 G1 X71.53 Y180.385 E462.56109101
Recv: ok N28111 P0 B7
Send: N28112 G1 X71.256 Y180.217 E462.57445
Recv: ok N28112 P0 B7
Send: N28113 G1 X70.582 Y179.942 E462.6047284
Recv: ok N28113 P0 B7
Send: N28114 G1 X69.88 Y179.765 E462.63482
Recv: ok N28114 P0 B7
Send: N28115 G1 X69.152 Y179.691 E462.6652486
Recv: ok N28115 P0 B7
Send: N28116 G1 X68.424 Y179.717 E462.69552
Recv: ok N28116 P0 B7
Send: N28117 G1 X67.708 Y179.841 E462.7257387
Recv: ok N28117 P0 B7
Send: N28118 G1 X67.016 Y180.066 E462.75599
Recv: ok N28118 P0 B7
Send: N28119 G1 X66.372 Y180.39 E462.7859697
Recv: ok N28119 P0 B7
Send: N28120 G1 X66.109 Y180.582 E462.7995
Recv: ok N28120 P0 B7
Send: N28121 G1 X65.792 Y180.805 E462.8156190
Recv: ok N28121 P0 B7
Send: N28122 G1 X65.271 Y181.338 E462.8466
Recv: ok N28122 P1 B7
Send: N28123 G1 X64.872 Y181.934 E462.8764294
Recv: ok N28123 P1 B7
Send: N28124 G1 X64.599 Y182.576 E462.90542
Recv: ok N28124 P1 B7
Send: N28125 G1 X64.513 Y182.994 E462.9231691
Recv: ok N28125 P2 B7
Send: N28126 G1 X64.454 Y183.641 E462.95017
Recv: ok N28126 P1 B7
Send: N28127 G1 X64.526 Y184.272 E462.9765880
Recv: ok N28127 P1 B7
Send: N28128 G1 X64.603 Y184.657 E462.9929
Recv: ok N28128 P0 B7
Send: N28129 G1 X64.89 Y185.319 E463.022994
Recv: ok N28129 P0 B7
Send: N28130 G1 X65.31 Y185.921 E463.05342
Recv: ok N28130 P0 B7
Send: N28131 G1 X65.79 Y186.406 E463.08179109
Recv: ok N28131 P0 B7
Send: N28132 G1 X66.373 Y186.825 E463.11164
Recv: ok N28132 P0 B7
Send: N28133 G1 X67.017 Y187.15 E463.14163100
Recv: ok N28133 P0 B7
Send: N28134 G1 X67.708 Y187.373 E463.17181
Recv: ok N28134 P0 B7
Send: N28135 G1 X68.423 Y187.5 E463.2020195
Recv: ok N28135 P0 B7
Send: N28136 G1 X69.153 Y187.524 E463.23237
Recv: ok N28136 P0 B7
Send: N28137 G1 X69.879 Y187.45 E463.26271106
Recv: ok N28137 P0 B7
Send: N28138 G1 X70.587 Y187.272 E463.29306
Recv: ok N28138 P0 B7
Send: N28139 G1 X71.249 Y187 E463.3228266
Recv: ok N28139 P0 B7
Send: N28140 G1 X71.867 Y186.629 E463.35279
Recv: ok N28140 P0 B7
Send: N28141 G1 X72.414 Y186.163 E463.3826691
Recv: ok N28141 P0 B7
Send: N28142 G1 X72.878 Y185.596 E463.41312
Recv: ok N28142 P0 B7
Send: N28143 G1 X73.216 Y184.977 E463.4424488
Recv: ok N28143 P0 B7
Send: N28144 G1 X73.345 Y184.571 E463.46015
Recv: ok N28144 P0 B7
Send: N28145 G1 X73.473 Y183.929 E463.4873790
Recv: ok N28145 P0 B7
Send: N28146 G1 F1500 E456.98737
Recv: ok N28146 P0 B7
Send: N28147 G1 F300 Z2.736
Recv: ok N28147 P0 B7
Send: N28148 G0 F9000 X60.86 Y186.725 Z2.7
Recv: ok N28148 P0 B7
Send: N28149 G1 F300 Z2.346
Recv: ok N28149 P0 B7
Send: N28150 G1 F1500 E463.48737
Recv: ok N28150 P0 B7
Send: N28151 G1 F1350 X63.119 Y188.984 E463.6201957
Recv: ok N28151 P0 B7
Send: N28152 G1 F1500 E457.12019
Recv: ok N28152 P0 B7
Send: N28153 G1 F300 Z2.733
Recv: ok N28153 P0 B7
Send: N28154 G0 F9000 X64.693 Y189.851 Z2.7
Recv: ok N28154 P0 B7
Send: N28155 G1 F300 Z2.335
Recv: ok N28155 P0 B7
Send: N28156 G1 F1500 E463.62019
Recv: ok N28156 P0 B7
Send: N28157 G1 F1350 X60.257 Y185.415 E463.8810149
Recv: ok N28157 P0 B7
Send: N28158 G0 F9000 X60.02 Y184.471
Recv: ok N28158 P1 B7
Send: N28159 G1 F1350 X65.78 Y190.231 E464.219682
Recv: ok N28159 P0 B7
Send: N28160 G0 F9000 X66.718 Y190.462
Recv: ok N28160 P0 B7
Send: N28161 G1 F1350 X59.942 Y183.686 E464.6180863
Recv: ok N28161 P0 B7
Send: N28162 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y182.965
Recv: ok N28162 P0 B7
Send: N28163 G1 F1350 X67.587 Y190.623 E465.0683752
Recv: ok N28163 P0 B7
Send: N28164 G0 F9000 X68.342 Y190.672
Recv: ok N28164 P0 B7
Send: N28165 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y182.258 E465.5630863
Recv: ok N28165 P0 B7
Send: N28166 M117 ETL 03h13m52s
Recv: //action:notification ETL 03h13m52s
Recv: ok N28166 P0 B7
Send: N28167 M73 P47110
Recv: ok N28167 P0 B7
Send: N28168 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y181.551
Recv: ok N28168 P0 B7
Send: N28169 G1 F1350 X69.092 Y190.714 E466.1018651
Recv: ok N28169 P0 B7
Send: N28170 G0 F9000 X69.799 Y190.714
Recv: ok N28170 P0 B7
Send: N28171 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y180.843 E466.6822457
Recv: ok N28171 P1 B7
Send: N28172 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y180.136
Recv: ok N28172 P0 B7
Send: N28173 G1 F1350 X64.387 Y184.595 E466.9444162
Recv: ok N28173 P0 B7
Send: N28174 G0 F9000 X64.268 Y183.769
Recv: ok N28174 P0 B7
Send: N28175 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y179.429 E467.1995961
Recv: ok N28175 P0 B7
Send: N28176 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y178.722
Recv: ok N28176 P0 B7
Send: N28177 G1 F1350 X64.302 Y183.096 E467.4567661
Recv: ok N28177 P0 B7
Send: N28178 G0 F9000 X64.413 Y182.5
Recv: ok N28178 P0 B7
Send: N28179 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y178.015 E467.7204649
Recv: ok N28179 P0 B7
Send: N28180 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y177.308
Recv: ok N28180 P0 B7
Send: N28181 G1 F1350 X64.624 Y182.004 E467.9965761
Recv: ok N28181 P0 B7
Send: N28182 G0 F9000 X64.884 Y181.557
Recv: ok N28182 P0 B7
Send: N28183 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y176.601 E468.2879651
Recv: ok N28183 P0 B7
Send: N28184 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y175.894
Recv: ok N28184 P0 B7
Send: N28185 G1 F1350 X65.18 Y181.145 E468.596733
Recv: ok N28185 P0 B7
Send: N28186 G0 F9000 X65.529 Y180.788
Recv: ok N28186 P0 B7
Send: N28187 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y175.187 E468.9260555
Recv: ok N28187 P0 B7
Send: N28188 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y174.48
Recv: ok N28188 P0 B7
Send: N28189 G1 F1350 X65.919 Y180.47 E469.278263
Recv: ok N28189 P0 B7
Send: N28190 G0 F9000 X66.337 Y180.182
Recv: ok N28190 P0 B7
Send: N28191 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y173.772 E469.6551254
Recv: ok N28191 P0 B7
Send: N28192 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y173.065
Recv: ok N28192 P0 B7
Send: N28193 G1 F1350 X66.808 Y179.945 E470.0596456
Recv: ok N28193 P0 B7
Send: N28194 G0 F9000 X67.324 Y179.754
Recv: ok N28194 P0 B7
Send: N28195 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y172.358 E470.4944954
Recv: ok N28195 P0 B7
Send: N28196 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y171.651
Recv: ok N28196 P0 B7
Send: N28197 G1 F1350 X67.882 Y179.605 E470.9621648
Recv: ok N28197 P0 B7
Send: N28198 G0 F9000 X68.497 Y179.513
Recv: ok N28198 P0 B7
Send: N28199 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y170.944 E471.4659860
Recv: ok N28199 P0 B7
Send: N28200 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y170.237
Recv: ok N28200 P0 B7
Send: N28201 G1 F1350 X69.183 Y179.491 E472.0101160
Recv: ok N28201 P0 B7
Send: N28202 G0 F9000 X69.981 Y179.583
Recv: ok N28202 P0 B7
Send: N28203 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y169.53 E472.601191
Recv: ok N28203 P0 B7
Send: N28204 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y168.823
Recv: ok N28204 P0 B7
Send: N28205 G1 F1350 X71.002 Y179.896 E473.2522750
Recv: ok N28205 P0 B7
Send: N28206 G1 F1500 E466.75227
Recv: ok N28206 P0 B7
Send: N28207 G1 F300 Z2.735
Recv: ok N28207 P0 B7
Send: N28208 G0 F9000 X73.464 Y182.359 Z2.7
Recv: ok N28208 P0 B7
Send: N28209 G1 F300 Z2.341
Recv: ok N28209 P0 B7
Send: N28210 G1 F1500 E473.25227
Recv: ok N28210 P0 B7
Send: N28211 G1 F1350 X81.82 Y190.714 E473.743543
Recv: ok N28211 P0 B7
Send: N28212 G0 F9000 X82.527 Y190.714
Recv: ok N28212 P0 B7
Send: N28213 M117 ETA 1/17 6.24PM69
Recv: //action:notification ETA 1/17 6.24PM
Recv: ok N28213 P0 B7
Send: N28214 M73 P47
Recv: ok N28214 P1 B7
Send: N28215 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y168.116 E475.0722460
Recv: ok N28215 P0 B7
Send: N28216 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y167.408
Recv: ok N28216 P0 B7
Send: N28217 G1 F1350 X83.234 Y190.714 E476.4425562
Recv: ok N28217 P0 B7
Send: N28218 G0 F9000 X83.941 Y190.714
Recv: ok N28218 P0 B7
Send: N28219 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y166.701 E477.8544248
Recv: ok N28219 P0 B7
Send: N28220 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y165.994
Recv: ok N28220 P0 B7
Send: N28221 G1 F1350 X84.648 Y190.714 E479.3078652
Recv: ok N28221 P0 B7
Send: N28222 G0 F9000 X85.355 Y190.714
Recv: ok N28222 P0 B7
Send: N28223 G1 F1350 X59.928 Y165.287 E480.8028751
Recv: ok N28223 P0 B7
Send: N28224 G0 F9000 X59.928 Y164.58
Recv: ok N28224 P0 B7
Send: N28225 G1 F1350 X86.062 Y190.714 E482.3394558
Recv: ok N28225 P0 B7
Send: N28226 G0 F9000 X86.769 Y190.714
Recv: ok N28226 P0 B7

So for some reason, it's closing LAN access after the printing starts.
I have a resource monitor plugin enabled and everything looks alright.

Why do you think this should happen?