Octoprint % diplayed to an WS2812 LED Stripe


Hey there,

is there an Option to make a Plugin for an WS2812b LED Stripe to Controle for Example with the Percantage of the actual Print?

I was thinking to do this with an Arduino but the GIPO on the Raspberry should be able to do the same.

Seeing the Percantage on an WS2812b with free settable ammount of LEDs rising from the left side in red to the right side over orange and yellow to Green would be awsome.

I'm not so good to program it myself but hopefully some gifted User are inspired by my Idea... So let me know if there is someone who could write something like that...


I've been planning to implement something similar with my Octoprint setup, but using a Blinkstick Pro with my WS2812 led strip to control it directly from the Pi through USB. I'm considering writing a plugin for it, but starting to think it might be simpler to simply use one of the "Action commands" type plugins to implement it instead. Ill let you know any progress I make on it once the Blinkstick arrives (it's still in shipping).


Nothing that I've seen but that is an interesting idea. I may have to play around with plugins to see about that myself.

If I do go that route I'll be sure to post!


But there is one problem with that stick option. How do you realize the power supply? An RGB Led has an use of 50-60 miliampere when turend white. That could limit you really fast in your Number of LED. Thatˋs the reason i want to use a gipo of the PI for Datatransfere an an external Powersuply for the stripe. I want to use up to 40 LEDs so I need min. 2400 miliamps Powersupply to be save....


There is an plugin called Enclose or similar, this plugin can use neopixel (same as ws2812b) but the plugin is soooo complicated designed that you need more time to work in than making an new one... and there is no option for individual controling single LEDs in the stripe only on and off,colored... but than you could even use an RGB stripe with Plugin...

my idea is as simple as possible. Like a minimum of settings: Number of LEDs, GIPO and options and options like Lightsettings (percantage of print/ heating/ print finished, just some ideas...)

The Percentage should be pretty simple cause Octoprint gives out the Percantage in Gcode. Maybe that is an simple way to get that realized...

Aleal if you want do make some test you can contact me and i would be very interested in your work. Maybe you can post Updates here if you‘re going to try it out...


Greetings from Germany


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Oh that's good to know about! Maybe it'd be a good plugin to investigate before starting work on a new one.


Good point that you wouldn’t want to use the built in power supply, but the blinkstick pro (the one I ordered) is designed to connect to a breadboard (or any other .1” space protoboard), so you can easily use your own power supply directly to the LEDs.

I would have also gone with the GPIO-based control method, except that my Raspberry Pi is several feet away from the printer, connected to it, a camera, and a (temporary, to be replaced by the LED strip) LED light over a single USB cable and hub, so I want to avoid any other clutter of routing individual GPIO cables to the printer. (Although I’d be very interested if anyone knows a good “GPIO over USB” system (that behaves like the native GPIO, please don’t tell me about connecting an Arduino to the Pi or anything like that)).


Looking at that plugin’s source code, it looks like it should be pretty easy to modify to set the LEDs to multiple colors, yet with its current setup, that’d make the commands to change it all the more complicated.
The simplest way I see to modify the plugin would be have another argument indicating the number of “color groups”, and then repeat the same syntax and behavior currently used for the single color LEDs that number of times.


Hey there, i found something but it doesn't work correct, mybe the plugin is something to work on... https://github.com/FHeilmann/OctoLED


has anybody looked to the sorce code? what do you think? I contact the Designer and he told me that it has to be implemented and update to the new Octoprint versions but he has no time to work on anymore... the Designe an Plugin looks pretty good an well designed... Anyone tooked a closer look?


I know this is an old topic, but wanted to post an update here for future users who are looking for something like this (as I was). I think my new plugin RGB Status does exactly what you are looking for. It has a few extra features, like effects that run on startup and idle, but the main goal was to have an LED progress bar mounted on my printer.


Nice, can someone say something hpw to wire a ws2812 neopixel to the radpberry and using this plugin?


See here for some general info. I need to work on the documentation for my plugin to add specific instructions, but haven’t had time to do so.


Okqy, but I can use Pin 8 also and change that in the plugin?


You can change which pin the LEDs are attached to, but anything other than pin 10 requires you to run OctoPrint as root, which is not recommended.


You mean that pin 19 = gpio 10

or that pin 10 = gpio15


hey eric,

I asked in another thread but what different colors represent what status of the printer?

What if octoprint is just in standby?




Physical pin 19 = GPIO 10. That is the pin that can be used without root.


It’s fully configurable. There are various effects to pick from for the startup and idle effects and you can pick which two colors to use for the progress bar.


Hello Eric!
Any news about the documentation? I try to do by my self, but don't have good results