Octoprint doesnt connect to LAN

I cant find my Raspberry with the FRITZBOX

I have used my Raspberry with octoprint for one with Retropie and now when i plug in the old SD Card it doesnt connect to the Internet (the LED dont light up ). I have the same setup as bevore i only changed the pi and i´ve tryed it whit the original too and it doesn´t work. and it can´t be the network because when i change the SD card Retropie works fine.
hope you can understand everything my english isn´t the best.
Thank you for your support.
Your Flow

Are you sure that the pi with the octopi image booted?
Can you connect it to a screen and check what it's doing?

Yes octoprint worked before I switched the SD cards and I haven't done anything on the octoprint sd card

But I couldnt see anything too on the Monitor when I plugged it on the pi

well if the screen is just blank it's not booting

if you haven't put too much work in your octopi instance I would suggest you start over and just flash a fresh image to the sd card.

OK this would have been my idea too but i was still hoping someone would have a solution anyway thanks for your support =)