Octoprint doesn't see a printer connected to USB


I am using a raspberry pi 3 Model B+ connected to a Sindoh 3DWOX 1 3d printer. When I login to Octoprint, I only see "Auto" under serial port and am not able to find the 3d printer.


What printer is it? Do have a premium quality USB cord?


Sindoh 3DWOX 1 3D Printer. Yes, brand new USB cable.


Sorry, overseen the printer name in your first post...
There are some printer known have a different USB technique the the most.
Usually, the USB signal are converted to serial signal (kind of RS232).
Some printers have other boars that do it another way.
I strongly assume that it is no Marlin firmware running on the printer.


Ok. So does that mean I'm out of luck and won't be able to use Octoprint?


Maybe someone else here has an idea


Searching for any support information for this printer is drawing a total blank.

Try remoting into the Raspberry. With the printer disconnected, do an ls -l in the /dev folder. Plug the printer in and run the command again. Also, run dmesg right after connecting the printer and look for anything that shows up in the log. Sometimes, this will show you what the printer's device is. Knowing this, you could then configure it manually in the ~/.octoprint/config.yaml file.